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Philosophy and Methods

Focus on Outputs

Outputs are the key to any consulting intervention. Coaching, workshops, surveys, focus groups, risk assessments and site audits are some of the tools we have at our disposal when undertaking a consulting initiative. Although these  inputs  are important components to the process we prefer to focus on the OUTPUTS they produce. For example, conducting focus groups (input) with stakeholders allows us to determine the causes of non-compliance (output) within the organization. A risk assessment workshop (input) allows us to establish the framework for the implementation of risk management controls (output).

Systems Thinking

DBI examines operational risk management planning from a systems perspective. We have discovered that there are seven key systems that every organization must do well in order to effectively support program delivery. These systems are:

Each project is setup with clear objectives and supporting metrics that are uniquely developed to make review and evaluation meaningful and efficient.

We strive to maintain the highest standards possible in all aspects of our business operation. We are committed to excellence - you should expect no less.

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