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Matt Cruchet - President
matt-head.jpg Matt Cruchet founded Direct Bearing Incorporated as a vehicle to help organizations navigate risk. Matt’s strengths lie in operational assessment where he uses his experience in the not-for-profit, youth-service, adventure travel, natural resources and emergency planning industries to evaluate and manage risk. Matt is a recognized outdoor risk management expert, consultant, author and speaker.

Direct Bearing Incorporated has worked with over one hundred organizations ranging from all levels of government, youth service groups, camps, natural resource companies, adventure tourism operators, tourism development bodies, schools, school boards and most other types of educational institutions.

Matt’s annual speaking schedule typically includes a dozen engagements a year at major conferences, symposiums and workshops. He is a part-time Professor in the department of Business, Technology and Outdoor Training at Algonquin College in the Ottawa Valley where he teaches courses in Risk Management, Leadership, Ecology and the Outdoor Adventure Industry.

Matt is qualified to deliver certifications in many areas of the adventure tourism industry, the forest resource industry and the occupational health and safety sector. His degrees are in Outdoor Recreation and Natural Sciences and he has been a member of the National Search and Rescue Association, Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation, Ontario Camping Association, The Council of Ontario Outdoor Educators and the Ontario Forestry Safe Workplace Association.

His publishing includes Trip Trips - An Outdoor Planning Manual for Students, Logbook - The Outdoor Activity Journal and Managing Risk - Systems Planning for Outdoor Adventure Programs, as well as numerous papers and articles on risk management and risk assessment. His books have been on the curricula of universities, colleges and schools from around the world and can be found on the bookshelves of most professionals in the field. Canoeroots magazine has sighted Matt as a leader in outdoor risk management. The organizers of the Georgian Bay Canoe and Kayak Symposium calls him "one of Canada's top outdoor risk management specialists".

Matt serves his local community in the Upper Ottawa Valley as a Deputy Fire Chief, acts as an Assistant to the Ontario Fire Marshall, and is a Community Emergency Management Co-ordinator.

Matt conducting a fire safety workshop for Boundless Adventures
Matt running a risk management workshop with Northern guides
Matt debriefing a SAR team during a management seminar
Matt facilitating an helicopter operations safety workshop

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